CABI staff are celebrating World Book Day with some of their favourite books! We’re proud of our diverse range of titles, relevant for students, researchers and professionals across a range of subjects. Here are some of our top picks from 2017, and what we enjoyed about working on them.

by Alex Lainsbury – Commissioning Editor

Food and Wine Tourism, 2nd Edition

This is my favourite book because it forms a really accessible and engaging introduction to the subject for students of tourism. It uses pedagogical features and colour throughout to transform theory into something students can take forward into their careers, and is written by an author team that are both sommeliers and trained in olive oil tasting! It also includes new emerging destinations, so that students really get a feel for the state of the industry they’re looking to enter as it is now. I can’t lie that the case studies and photos covering mouth-watering areas such as chocolate tourism in Belize, wine tourism in India and cheese tourism in Italy also spark my appetite!