Between the fish and vegetable stalls of the Rialto Market in Venice, the air is filled with the enticing scent of fried seafood and polenta. Renaissance Florence is home to lampredotto. Wherever you go in Rome let yourself be tempted by a slice of pizza al taglio or stuffed rice balls, Roman style. Between the squares and lanes of Naples, grab a pizza a portafoglio, one of the icons of street food. And while you’re at it, why not try some specialties from a friggitoria, a fried-food shop? And for those who love to mix intense tastes and street life, the journey continues towards Bari, Catania or Palermo, between focaccia, arancine and pane ca’meusa, bread rolls filled with fried spleen. Rediscovering the flavors and customs handed down over generations that today have become the modern, local way of interpreting fast food Italian style.

If you want to take a Grand Tour through the Peninsula of Street Food, we will give you an adventure of the senses seasoned with refined urban atmospheres. Just for you.

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