Alto Adige Suedtirol

Apples, cows, wine. Beer. Speck. And peaks: the Dolomites and the Alps. Undoubtedly among the most beautiful mountains in the world. Narrow and wide valleys. Borders that divide and unite. High plateaus. Some small towns along the valley floor have distinctly metropolitan souls but at the same time remain strongly local. Villages clinging onto the slopes to catch the sunbeams. High- quality agricultural produce. Rare ancient frescoes. A perfect mixture of tradition, pride of belonging and future thinking. Summer and winter sports. Harvest and its colors. Chestnuts. The magic of Christmas and its festive rituals. Traditional costumes and sophisticated shopping. The mystery of Oetzi: the man returned to the present from millennial ice. Contemporary design. And much, much more. For the pleasure of your eyes and for your palate. But, above all, for the pleasure of your soul.

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Alto Adige Suedtirol



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