‘Simple, natural, seasonal, local, proud of its (geographic maybe more than historical) roots’: that’s the Scandinavian way to go back to their origins, and sometimes to design new routes and go in new directions.

Titti Qvarnström, the first female Swedish chef to get a Michelin star in 2015, assures us of that with a smile. Foraging in the forest, looking for berries and sorrel, dill, elderflower and baby fern, wild mushrooms or fir sprouts. You can’t imagine how many ingredients a Scandinavian forest can provide to top-end Scandinavian restaurants. And then ancient local breeds, beer (and a few wines!)*, apple and berry juices, cider… If it’s the right season, you can’t do without ramson (a true protagonist), rhubarb and asparagus. Rye bread, top quality fish and shellfish, Kalix Löjrom DOP, herring, reindeer and moose meat. You’ll discover an elegant palette of differently textured colors on your plate, that starts with a vibrant green and loves pinky nuances, grays, whites, smoky flavors: a culinary art that has been engaging in a dialogue with curious foodies for more than a decade. Enjoy!