The Baroque Curl

Bizarre, extravagant, irregular like the flawed pearl after which it would take its name. Baroque art leaves the circle and marries the oval, moves away from the measure and looks for optical illusionism. Theater becomes part of architecture, realism is placed at the...

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Hipsters & Tattoos

It’s a matter of fact: a string of style and culture runs on the almost 16 suspended kilometers of the Øresund or Öresund bridge, depending on whether you speak Danish or Swedish. It is not just an identity tie torn from History (with a capital H), the one made of...

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Chocolate Barena: Geomorphology of a Dessert

It doesn’t happen very often that you sink your spoon into a micro landscape made of chocolate and hazelnut crumble, chocolate mousse and ice cream, creamy coffee, seaweed and samphire, macho tea powder (and seasonally enriched with sea purcelane and radish flowers)…...

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