Bespoke, beautifully crafted. Designed and styled just for you. A perfect fit. To match your taste. Touch the essence. Never the same. See much-loved places with new eyes or discover somewhere totally new. Our Italy, travelled far and wide, still holds surprises, big and small. We are at home in countries around the world. We have a very clear map in our heads. How far do you want to go? Curiosity has no limits, our research never ends … We work, for you.

What’s to your TASTE?

We organize:

  • tailored itineraries and holidays
  • weddings and honeymoons
  • courses and workshops
  • hands-on experiences
  • theme camps
  • fam trips
  • events
  • corporate and incentive trips

for individuals and (small) groups
for the curious vacationer and for the business traveller


We will do our utmost to satisfy all your requests: we will design a trip to suit just you. You can rely on our (direct) experience, on our ability to listen and understand the precise details of your needs, and on a network of carefully selected experts and local people.

Working with you we’ll find the very best that each place has to offer. If you like to embrace something different, immerse yourself in a culture, enjoy its food and its landscape, experience a tasting room, lose yourself in a painting or gaze in wonder at the nave of a church, if you love haute couture or are a street fashionista, do not hesitate to tell us.

We have traveled hundreds of thousands of kilometers by all means of transport, even on foot. We enjoy dishes prepared by Michelin-starred chefs and trying great wines; but we also love the taste of bread and chocolate and spring water, sitting on a mountain top or in an urban park. We know well the comfort of a chain hotel, the fascination of a resort, the charm of a historic building, the shelter offered by an alpine hut.

We are true professionals, people who plan experiences with character, for people of character.

is not a search engine.



is not a search engine.

We do the smiles.


We know what it means, in terms of time, resources and expectations, to plan your dream trip or just a weekend of pure pleasure and relaxation. That’s why we are here to help. We value your time, we respect your values. You’ll walk on safe paths without giving up either the pleasure of discovery nor the emotion of surprise. Trust us: we are constantly researching, in tune with the latest trends. And, above all, experiencing firsthand, destinations and accommodations  atmosphere for you, ahead of you.



Fill out the form on line. We’ll study your needs and expectations, address any concerns or questions you have by email or by phone.



We come up with the first ideas. Do you like our proposal? Then you can officially commission us to organize your holiday.



We work together with you, sharing our ideas and suggesting opportunities and alternatives. Once ready, we will send you the proposed outline of the program and the price per person. If accepted, we will ask you for a down payment and we will work to make your trip special.



After the payment of the balance, you’ll finally have the detailed plan of the trip in your hands and all the inside information and tips that we have gathered just for you. Ready?



Enjoy your trip…

You can rely on us. We are here for you. And in return we’d like you to stay in touch and share your impressions and memories and… ideas for a new experience with us!


We’ve been traveling forever. For work, for pleasure, alone, as a couple, with the family, with friends, old and new. We have twenty years of experience as travel consultants and teachers of tourism studies. We’re authors of guidebooks and publications on tourism, travel, food and culture with the leading Italian publishing houses. We love what we do. We like to go just that bit further, off the usual tracks, exploring deeper, going beyond the surface. Seeking new situations, sensations and destinations that leave a mark or signal a significant new trend.

Erica Croce

Erica Croce

graduated with first-class honours in Literature at the University of Padova; she was awarded a research scholarship to study Iconography at the Warburg Institute, University of London.


Giovanni Perri

Giovanni Perri

has a first-class honours degree in Geography from the Sapienza University of Rome, specializing in Regional Planning as well as the Didactics of Geography.

We both have a Master’s degree in Tourism Economics & Management awarded by CISET (Centre of International Studies on Tourism Economics) at Ca’ Foscari University, Venice. We are

Technical Directors (Travel & Tourism Agencies), Sommeliers belonging to AIS and Olive Oil Tasters (members of the National Organization of Olive Oil Experts).


As tourism and culture specialists, we provide consultancy services through Meridies – itinerari di cultura e turismo® (www.meridies.net) – for the hospitality industry in both the public and private sectors. We carry out research projects and develop effective communication and marketing strategies for tourism providers. We have been leading contributors in defining the criteria for applied studies in Food and Wine Tourism. We have teaching experience on various degree courses and masters programmes – including the University of Venice (Italy), the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo, the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna and UniSR of Milan. We are the authors of several books. Our textbook Food and Wine Tourism. Integrating Food, Travel and Terroir (CAB International, Wallingford-UK, 2nd edition 2017) is also available in Italian and Spanish.

Over the last 3 years we’ve run 7 marathons.

Some of our Collaborations

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